Friday, 19 July 2013

The Eighth

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This is the eighth installment of a 14 part story. Click to read the entire piece.

The sun glared suddenly through broken cloud. Hit the silver case and momentarily blinded Adam head on. Squinting and shielding his eyes he took the compass from the boy.

'Where did you find this? Tom?'

There was no mistaking the breeze. Like a low whistle then, the sort to stir and raise quiet seas.

'From Davie', Tom lied.

'It's no toy son, we'll give it to Mum, I'm sure it's something Davie wants to keep.

'No!' Tom would be caught out. 'He said I could have it just tonight. Mum agreed'.

Adam couldn't quite pinpoint what didn't feel right. 'Be sure and keep it in the house. I'm late Tom - tell your Mum I'll call. Say I'll phone her from the boat tonight.' He handed Tom the compass and reversed out the drive.

It took only a moment for Tom to realise. 'Dad!' he cried, but it was already too late. 'Dad - stop! - you've got my hat'.

Tears pricked his eyes and he knew Adam was gone - 'My hat', he said in defeat. 'Davie's hat. The one I need to sleep'.

To be continued... You can read the next installment here.

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  1. Oh poor Tom. Suspect he won't need that hat once that compass has finished with him.

    1. I have a feeling things are about to get worse...


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