Friday, 12 July 2013

White Horses

Toes and feet,
tide and northern sea to creep,
wild horses white and wet and charging, frothing deep.

And laugh,
ready - jump! - and kick and splash,
shell and shingle, ocean floor and quickest sinking sand.

And you are brave,
higher, further depth to gain,
cotton dress tucked top of legs and summer sun-kissed face.

Who could hardly hold you back from seaweed, salt and spray...

To shriek and call,
throw your mighty fist aloft,
queen of beach and eastern sea and castle on the shore.

Little daughter, edge of land,
fierce as any grown man,
wild foaming horses white and mother's Joan Of Arc.

Prose for Thought


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you - we loved the Northumberland Coast x

  2. Lovely, hope you had a great time x

  3. Little daughter, edge of land,
    fierce as any grown man

    Love these lines! Makes me think of my own girl who is fierce. And what a picture. Looks lovely.

    1. Thank you it really was - I didn't want to come home from that holiday!

  4. Loved this - having just come back from the seaside and seeing how much Lucas loved it, this really captures the experience of watching our kids on the beach - Fab - popping over from #Prose4T

    1. Thank you - it was the first time she had properly played at the beach she was too young last year. Like a fish to water... :)

  5. I love 'Throw your mighty fist aloft'! There's something about the sea that makes us all feel powerful at times. Lovely xx

    1. Yes I agree there really is. And it can be so calming too x

  6. This is absolutely beautiful and throws up such wonderful images of any child playing the sea. I love it - one of your best. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought lovely xx

  7. This is beautiful, it really evokes the feeling of playing in the sea!


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