Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday Best

I thought of you today -
stood in church in navy dress,
not my usual Sunday morning, not my usual place.

Stood far back -
held a squirming, wilful girl and early morning chat,
baby friend and christening and talk of this and that.

But couldn't sing,
couldn't hardly listen in,
words which in their good intent meant nothing there to me.

I could not engage myself in anything he said.

In anything he meant,
life and love and God above and children heaven sent,
great and good and saviour too and ever faithful friend.

I thought of you - and Jennie too - and kept a tear in check.


  1. Yes, very thought provoking - when babies and children are taken away, it can make the whole concept of God and religion very challenging indeed, because all it offers up is a big fat why? Those beautiful children their whole lives ahead of them..... so why? X.


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