Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Garden still,
washing strung up damp and limp,
hanging there and hanging straight and not a breath of wind.

And neither warm,
balmy heat of summer gone,
feels a little cooler now and days soon growing short.

Feels a little like the waiting calm before the storm.

Before the change,
breeze that's blowing our way,
building up for home and work and nothing stays the same.

Stranger things have happened than to end up where you dare.

Where you breathe,
where your line of eye is clear,
where the future fills your sails with sky and stone and sea.

Stretching long in little cot,
no more room and growing tall,
field and wood and who would move from such a pretty spot.

Long for edge of land and beach,
once we're there I'll never leave,
big and bold and brave enough to set a change of scene.

Shore and wave and countryside,
different window, different life,
northern air and northern place and northern windswept wife.

Washing strung on sheltered line,
hanging there to never dry,
time to whistle up a wind and time to hold on tight.

Feels a little like the calm before the changing tide.

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  1. Shivers up my spine. What a gift you have, weaving those words xxx

  2. Oh you gave me tingles. Helen, you are incredible and the best northern windswept wordsmith wife and poet I know :)

    1. Ha! Windswept wordsmith - I'm liking that :)

  3. You poem invokes such beautiful images! I just love it :-) x

  4. Your poetry is so beautiful, just sweeps me along with it...

    Loved the 'stranger things...' line

  5. Love the structure of this one, too. Waves advancing and retreating up the beach, or washing blowing on a line?

  6. I really love this Helen, it creates such wonderful imagery for the reader. Thank you for your fabulous writing and for linking to Prose for Thought x

  7. Hi. Test post from @techiefairy to try and help with Steph's problem.

  8. So let's see if this finally works!

    Can I comment on your blog again?

    Love this. Your work always transports me somewhere else which is really special.

  9. This is just so beautiful as usual. I love how your writing is so wistful and the 'whistling up a wind' makes me think of the Rivers women in Philippa Gregory's books. Magical xx


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