Thursday, 3 October 2013


Lost just now,
knee deep, 
water swirl, water rush and water slowly creep.

And turn my back,
turn my head and turn my track,
turn a little from the sea to face the drier land.

Whilst tide,
washes in and washes out,
ebb and flow and swell below in last of fading light.

Sodden, flat and sinking sand and turning soon to night.

As gulls,
climb and dip on high above,
heady race and open space and falling back to surf.

Falling back to water, wave and falling back to hunt.

To fish -
beak and claw and certain grip,
soon and sudden out of blue and over pretty quick.

Clean and fast and bravest catch and calculated risk.

Of sea, 
not the place I ought to be,
not the shifting ocean floor and not the rolling deep.

Reckless height and reckless dive,
careful angle, careful time,
steady aim and no mistake and birds eye open wide.

Lost in salted shallow water, wet amid the tide.

If you enjoy my writing you might enjoy my little book - A Familiar Voice.

Prose for Thought


  1. How lovely, I can feel sadness and strength and timelessness in your words. Beautiful as always. And I will be back to order a book too xx

  2. Stunning. I felt I was there with you x

  3. I I can relate to this just now, I got a real sense of misplacement from it, not being able to find your harbour.

  4. I love your use of words and the imagery is so beautiful. Great read and am going to be checking out your book :) #Prose4t

  5. I felt utterly lost in that.... just what I needed, the sea washing over me. Beautiful. X


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