Sunday, 13 October 2013

Power Cut

October is SIDS, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

Lights gone out,
4 o'clock or there about,
power cut and getting dark and find the candles now.

Find the torch,
find a book and cuddle up,
tell him stories of the dark and wait for power on.

But knew it then,
dullest ache and cramping pain,
solid, heavy, broken heart and happening again.

I would like to flick a switch and wake up someone else.

And it was like,
your leaving turned the street lamps out,
took the life and took the soul and took an inner fight.

Stood and wept in darkened hall in last of fading light.

And there and then,
smashed to million smithereens,
I decided love could only break and bleed and end.

Yet heart and beat, consultant screen, I watched it start again.

For those lost. And for Isobel - who turned the light back on.

Prose for Thought

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  1. In so few words you convey the loss, the heartache so powerfully. I wrote a post on this topic once, but it took me probably 100 times as many words to be able to say what you say so well with so few. So glad to know that you found a happy ending. x

    1. Thank you. Its not easy to write about huh? No 2 people feel the same. I don't like to write about it too much, and I want the blog to be uplifting, but felt I wanted to write something for the October campaign x

  2. Oh Helen, that is perhaps the most beautiful poem of yours I have read. I will often get a lump in my throat at poetry, but rarely cry. Reading this the tears are flowing. I don't know what else to say xxx

    1. Thank you love. It was a horrible bleak time, but I survived it and I have Isobel now which is the most wonderful outcome to a truly hellish year x

  3. Exquisitely poignant, as always. Beautiful. Your poetry is. Like porcelain china. Only poetry can convey such deep feelings of the heart. Its a real gift you have. Sx

  4. I didn't know this part of your story, told so heartbreakingly here. And I love the little dedication at the end too.

  5. Such a heartbreaking topic and poem. Frankly I struggle to find words to comment so I will stop at that. xx

  6. Stunningly beautiful writing lovely. As a result of very recently I can completely feel every part of this and sympathise. This is one of my favourites of yours. Such a well-thought through title as well. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

  7. This is beautiful and heartbreaking. :(

  8. Horrible to have gone through this.... finally, in the end, a heartbeat. Bitter sweet. Beautiful. X

  9. I'm crying now.I lit a candle for all those who have angels x

  10. Oh Helen, so beautifully written. My heart aches for your pain, but I am so glad that your ending is happy xx


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