Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Lost In Translation

The beginnings of an experiment with fiction.

brilliant at not talking straight,
growing quite the expert at avoiding casual gaze.

getting better all the time,
easy chat of this and that and you and me and mine.

very nearly got you fooled,
happy to convince myself I know the thing to do.

Couldn't look you in the eye in any well lit room.

Couldn't say,
wouldn't dare to give away,
shouldn't ever wish to act in any other way.

Step in circles all around the careful things you say.

Stepping wide,
stepping closer half the time,
Coming over slightly awkward, coming over shy.

Crooked smile, side swept hair,
navy dress with narrow waist,
watch the time and lit-up eyes and laugh to see you there.

Ask me how I'm doing and I'll tell you I'm OK.

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Prose for Thought


  1. OMG this could be my mother you have written about - until the final stanza that is. It is beautifully written Helen. You are such an artist. x

    1. Thank you Emma, I so love how poetry means something different to everyone who reads it. Its about a crush really, and the awkwardness that creates - but re-reading it I can see it could easily be about stilted family relationships. Maybe I'll combine the 2 and write a story about a man infatuated with his aloof mother in law?? ;-) xx

    2. That would be an intriguing read now, wouldn't it?! Yes, it is so clearly about an infatuation that stifles. But I loved looking at it from the angle of 'Let's just sweep everything under the carpet!' Interpretation is a wonderful thing!

  2. Oh so lovely to read your words again Helen I have missed them. A brilliant piece - a little like something I have been working on, but far more eloquent and much better crafted! xx

  3. Aw - this is so beautifully crafted and great to see you back :-) I too have missed your posts! x

  4. I love this. I love the clever pattern of the words you have created. And yes, glad to see you again!

  5. Simply lovely - I really felt myself crawling into this person - you've made it so powerful. Loved reading this #prose4t

  6. Beautifully written. Popping over from #Prose4T

  7. I've just read in the comments that this is about a crush - I thought it was an examination of feeling uncomfortable in various social situations and how people don't/can't always say what they mean! very thought provoking and well written! This is my first time joining the #prose4T blog hop so I've never read anything else of yours but you clearly have talent!

  8. You have such a clever way with words, fab. Mich x

  9. This is such a fabulously written poem - I love how it can conjur up images of all sorts of things for different people. For me it was the argument between a couple and then the giving in at the end! Thanks for linking to Prose for Thought x

  10. Me too!!! I loved this, for me I read it about awkwardness in a social situation, too nervous, not being able to be yourself, hiding behind surface social pleasantries. But I can see it's about a crush - not being able to look into someone's eyes, the avoidance of intimacy. X


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