Thursday, 30 January 2014


The sun shone today -
January dressed as May,
walk in empty drowsy woods and quiet morning air.

With frosted boots,
glitter dusted black school shoes,
crunch the path in knitted hats and winter fur lined hoods.

And I felt bright,
something you said late last night,
made me laugh and made me cry and set the world to rights.

Early morning, early cold,
coffee cup held warm and close,
normal ordinary day felt nothing of the sort.

The sun shone today -
seems like years it's been away,
Hope and glimpse of brighter things and spring to come again.


  1. This is gorgeous Helen. I love the glimpses of Spring that mild winter days give you say full of hope. Sadly back to winter with a resounding brrrr here today xx

  2. Sweet, what winter should be like. And looks like the only sun I'm going to get today!

  3. Perfect poem.... I also live on the west coast and it was the most beautiful morning for a dog walk on the beach too! Jenny x

  4. Gorgeous. I love this line... January dressed as May. X


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