Wednesday, 15 January 2014


You disenchant me, of late,
ashen pallor, concrete palette, heavy sodden days.

Your bleakest grey.

And your rage,
sullen sleet and gravel hail and hard relentless rain,
drive and drip and hair to whip and winter's slap to face.

Make haste.

Were I to chase?
I'd whistle up a warmer wind to scold you from this place,
roar at silent blanket cloud and call on brighter days.

Lose my patience, lose my voice and bid you lose your way.

Don't stay.

Go, be gone, be unrecalled in welcome easy air.

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Prose for Thought


  1. This is exactly how I feel in January. Sullen sheet is perfect!

  2. Another beautiful poem, I especially liked 'winter's slap to face'. You capture the mood of January perfectly.

  3. Helen you write 'proper' poetry, your words are always beautiful and have such feeling.

  4. Well only a couple of weeks left! January is a hard one to get through - although I've had my new project to keep me entertained ;o) .... beautiful. X

  5. Great poem. Although January is dull and miserable I like it - it is the start of a new year! :)

  6. January is such a difficult month...although I'm pleased we've not had any snow...yet! Gorgeous words as always lovely xx

  7. January almost over....although that thought makes me panic! - perfect depiction of this bleak month x

  8. I'm totally disenchanted with january too! You describe it perfectly though and so beautifully that you almost give it some romance!

  9. I remember the wind on the west coast of Scotland - not for the faint hearted! Beautiful words.

  10. As I said on Twitter this morning I read this last night and I absolutely love it. You captured the feeling perfectly. Thank you for sharing with Prose for Thought x

  11. I love this poem as its so beautifully written but I always try to be positive in January. Its the first month of an exciting new year. So many exciting things to come and look forward to. Recriminations from the last year can be forgotten. As for the weather, well nothings better than looking out the window to see see rain, wind, etc.... and be snuggled up all cosy on the sofa with your loved ones. Loved reading this #prose4t

  12. Beautiful Helen and yes yes so true! Can you do something next about Spring blooms, flowers pushing up and warmth creeping in please?!

  13. Beautifully written as always!

  14. Stunning! Absolutely love this! Please link it up with #SavouringtheSeason tomorrow!!!


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