Friday, 31 January 2014


You tell us you are gone,
you say the mother you once were is not here anymore.

I don't know her, I can't recall.

But do you know?
I like you as the woman that you are,
I'll take the pain, I'll take the hurt, I'll take the ugly scars.

For you know love,
you get up and carry on,
you can lift your children's days with paint and play and song.

You can write,
you can fill your home with light,
you can create rainbow skies when all you wish is night.

You can sing,
you can spread your broken wings,
I believe that much is set in store for better things.

I would fill your coffee cup and have you know my kids.

And liking you?
Means I would have liked her too,
I would turn things upside down to give her back to you.

That is true.

Please believe in you,
you are young and beautiful,
you are warm and you are bright and all that Tilda knew...

That is something nothing in this world can take from you x


  1. This is exactly what I have tried and failed to say. I do not know the Jennie before Tilda died and that does make me sad, but it does not mean that the Jennie I know isn't wonderful. Thank you Helen, this is perfect

  2. Beautiful post, you speak so perfectly for so many of us x

  3. You say it all.What a perfect tribute to a perfect mummy xxx

  4. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said but this really is very beautiful xx

  5. Such a beautiful and 'real' piece of writing. X


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