Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Writer

I'm missing you,
one of a million things to do,
the order of I'm ticking off the way I please and chose.

My time is, consumed.

I've lost the words,
they spun on heel and chose to walk,
they found a better vacant place where there was time to talk.

They'll be back.

For nobody, I think,
could quite do this,
without accepting they'd lose their grip -

On routine things, for a little bit.

And while you gaze amiss,
while dust and hours lay to rest,
every day I pinch myself that I have managed this.

To draw,
to paint what someone else has saw,
in vivid minds-eye storybook and dreams held high aloft.

To grasp and climb a ladder sky of water, ink and words.

That's magic, is it not?

I'm missing you.
I wouldn't swap.
I know that you'll come soon enough.

You are not gone, I am not lost and I have not forgot.

Prose for Thought


  1. Beautiful, stunning words Helen. Such a tribute to what you are achieving away from your blog. You are doing such amazing work and I know, as I am sure every one else does, that your words will never be lost and you will be back with your wonderful poetry. Lots of love, I am so pleased you are living your dream x

  2. Beautiful as ever, and I for one think it's brilliant you are so busy with your illustration projects... what an adventure you're having this year! X

  3. So beautiful Helen. your poetry is amazing but I am so glad you are out living your dreams and doing your illustration projects. Doing what we love is one of life's greatest gifts not many get the chance glad you have! #prose4t

  4. Wise words here! The ladder is my favourite part - just beautiful. x

  5. Glad you are pursuing your dreams outside of writing! And of course you have such a way with words that they will certainly be back. The line about the ladder is so powerful I want to climb it with you. magic for sure! #prose4T

  6. Really beautiful - I love reading your posts and this is one of my favourites x #prose4t

  7. Just popped back to say thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

  8. Just wow. I love those last lines:

    "I'm missing you.
    I wouldn't swap.
    I know that you'll come soon enough.

    You are not gone, I am not lost and I have not forgot."

    Sometimes the sweet pain of missing someone you love is as beloved as the sweet joy of being reunited with them again isn't it?

    Magical words.

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