Monday, 5 May 2014

The Lucky Star - An Audio Story and Lullaby

It's over a year since I wrote The Lucky Star.

It's unbelievably already 15 months since Jennie Henley lost her 9 month old baby daughter Matilda Mae, tragically to SIDS.

It's over 12 months since the talented Sarah ffelan sat down at her piano and began to play.

The Lucky Star is a story about rabbits. It's a story about friendship and it's a story about loss.

But at its core it's a story about human nature. About compassion and love. It's a story of how in the face of absolute irretrievable tragedy, people can be moved to do remarkable things.

What I witnessed amongst the blogging and twitter community at the time of and directly after Matilda's death took my breath away. It still does.

Support for Jennie and her family and the subsequent fund-raising efforts have far surpassed what any of us would have expected - proof itself that people and society still care.

Not one of us has the power to turn back the clock and stop Jennie's world from falling apart. But I've come to understand that every single one of us would. In a heartbeat. And there - right there - is our triumph.

Our entire community should be proud.

In the last 15 months our small team of 3 have taken a simply written story and woven magic. Written by me, bravely narrated by Jennie, and with beautiful music written and performed by Sarah ffelan, The Lucky Star Audio Story and Lullaby is available to listen to and download below. We ask that in return you make a small donation of £2 to the Matilda Mae Just Giving Fund. All funds raised will be donated directly to The Lullaby Trust.

The events of this time will stay with me for the rest of my life. I am not the woman I previously was - my values of family, love and friendship, plus my belief in what is achievable through simple determination and hard work have been fundamentally changed. On 2nd May Matilda should have turned 2. I owe her, and her beautiful brave Mummy, a lot.

I am grey rabbit and this is my story...

The Lucky Star was written by me, narrated by Jennie Henley and all music was written and performed by Sarah ffelan. Many thanks to Karen Davis of Moon Hare for kindly permitting us to use her beautiful illustration. All proceeds raised from the promotion of The Lucky Star Audio Story and Lullaby will be donated to The Lullaby Trust.

Disclaimer: We sincerely hope you don't encounter any problems downloading this media and regret we cannot offer technical assistance. The Lucky Star is provided for your personal use and may not be retransmitted or distributed without written permission. You may not make copies for commercial use. Copyright remains with Helen Braid and Sarah ffelan.

All files are from a trusted source but for your own protection, you should scan these files again. You assume the entire risk related to your use of this media. In no event are we liable to you or to any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage resulting from any use or misuse of this media.


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