Summer Of Words

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'In every one of us there is a novel waiting to be written.'

Maybe there is. I've always been frightened by the fact that I don't have a notion of a complete story - a beginning, a middle and an end.

So I've decided just to write - organically - a little at a time - for one summer. A few paragraphs or a few lines - every day, once a week, or as often as I can.

And by autumn I hope to be well on my way to the end.

I invite you to join in! And like me - not to worry if you have no idea where the next installment is going. Simply blog your beginning, grab the badge, and join the linky below. Then each time you write a subsequent installment, link back to your original post.

No theme and no rules - let the #SummerOfWords begin...

You can read the first installment of my mini-novel here.

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  1. A fab idea Helen - you are full of those! I will have a thinky about a linky! x

  2. Thanks for letting me know of this great idea; I've linked up!

  3. I love this idea; a bit like Nanowrimo without the hardcore every day commitment. I am going to try to join in!

  4. you know Cormac McCarthy just wakes up and starts writing in the end of the day he gets up and eats...the same was true for Aldous Huxley and Ernest Hemingway...and now you are in that group...!


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